Sunday, September 9, 2012

Light It Up Blue!

A few friends of mine in a nail polish group were fawning over a Twilight-themed polish made by a maker I'd never heard of, Different Dimension.  Since I really don't like my men sparkly, I looked through the rest of the store.  There were Big Bang Theory-themed polishes (LOVE that show) and 50 Shades of Grey-themed polishes (Yes, I read the books), but the polishes that caught my eye the most were her two Autism-themed polishes.

I got in touch with the maker and she offered me a discount if I reviewed her polishes on the blog.  So, here we have my FIRST review and my FIRST Autism-related polishes.  I was so excited to have my two worlds come together!

First up we have Light It Up Blue (for Autism).  This bottle shot is taken from her Etsy store.

The polish has a clear base with lots of different blue, white and holographic glitters.  It also glows in the dark!

For my mani, I started with a layer of ORLY Primetime (which I use to help prevent chipping).  Then came a layer of CND Stickey since I wanted to try something new and my beloved ORLY Bonder ran out.  After that came two coats of Zoya Robyn (which is one of my favorite blues of all time).  A great group of gals and I are doing a Zoya-week challenge, so I knew exactly which Zoya to use on this mani!

After Robyn dried, I applied two coats of Light It Up Blue (for Autism).  This polish applied wonderfully!  It was thick but workable.  The glitters stayed without any issues and even the bigger hex glitters were easily managable.  A coat of Gelous and a coat of HK Girl finished it off!

I wasn't able to get the polish to glow, but I think the two top coats didn't help much.  I, however, can't do a mani without my beloved HK Girl!  You can find HK Girl here at Glisten and Glow - thanks Jill for everything you do!  If you've never checked out Glisten & Glow, check it out on Facebook!

Back to business - I LOVE THIS MANI!  It's bright and sparkly and I just know it will be a conversation piece.  The polish was inspired by Autism Speaks and World Autism Day (4/2/12) and her two children on the spectrum, so 50% of this polish and Puzzle Pieces (a future post) are donated to Autism Speaks.  WOW!

Check the polish out here and the rest of her store here.  You can also become a fan of hers on Facebook here.  While you check out Missi's page on Facebook, feel free to become a fan of Polished Pieces.  :)

From one puzzled mommy to another, thanks Missi for creating a polish that looks good and will help our children!  I can't wait to try out Puzzle Pieces!  Word on the street says she's going to help me create my dream polish (black jelly with bright pink, turquoise and holographic glitters)!

Light It Up Blue (for Autism) retails for $10, but remember that $5 will go to Autism Speaks, which really is a great organization!

Until the next mani, stay puzzled and polished!


(Note: This product was purchased by me at a discount for my honest review.)

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