Saturday, July 21, 2012

Introducing the W.A.V.E. Scale!

Since I've written a pieces post, it's only fair that I give you my few readers a polished post!

As I mentioned eariler, I will be working with many lovely ladies for the Lacquer Clones project.  I will be contributing some swatch sticks for some comparison posts, and I'm also planning on some posts of my own.

Each polish will be rated on the W.A.V.E. scale.  What is that you ask?  I have to give a shout-out to one of my TV boyfriends, Adam Richman for the idea via his B.I.T.E scale.
  • W - Wear (Most polishes can chip very easily or have massive tip wear.  How does the polish wear?)
  • A - Application (Depending on the polish, application can be a dream or a nightmare.  Will putting on this polish make you want to rip your nails off?)
  • V - Value (Polishes can cost anywhere from $1.99 to $30.00 or more based on how easy they are to find.  Do you have to give up a limb or a paycheck to get the polish?)
  • E - Exuberance (Some polishes can show up like rainbows in the shade and others need a little sunshine to help.  Does this polish give you the WOW factor?)
To test it out, here's my newest mani:

It's Jade Violetta (I'm loving the Jades I have so far) with an accent nail of Wet n Wild It's All in the Cut.  It's a mani that I'm really loving and getting a lot of comments on.  It's not the cleanest mani, but I'm getting better.

Jade Violetta
W - This polish wears like iron!  It can last 4-5 days with no chipping which is unheard of for holos!
A - Application was a dream.  Two coats wih no color underwear needed.
V- Depending on where you get the polish from, it can run you anywhere from $7.50 to $10.00.  This is mid-range for a holo but it's well worth it!
E - In the shade, in the sun, in the dark (well, that might be a stretch) this polish glows rainbows!

Wet n Wild It's All in the Cut
W - This polish, like a lot of chunky glitters, peeled right off after about 24 hours.
A - Application was not as bad as some glitters I've tried, but it wasn't super smooth.  It took about a coat and a half.
V - Wet n Wild is one of the most affordable polishes out there.  This one was discontinued, but there are other ways to get it (that's a whole 'nother post).
E - It's a gorgeous color with lavender and pink and holographic giltter.  Doesn't take much for it to shine.

Until the next mani, stay puzzled and polished!


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